Short Pause Gaming Podcast #78: Batman News, EVO 2016, & Who's The Target Audience For The Mini NES?

Bender's disappeared and Brent's face down in a toilet somewhere, leaving Ben and Frankie to pull themselves away from EVO 2016 and pick up the pieces. The show must go on, and all that jazz. It's a two-man show this week as the fellas talk the latest and greatest in the world of video games. Topics this week include:

  • Batman News - Word on the street is that WB is targeting a November release date for Batman: Return to Arkham in the wake of its indefinite delay. On the other side of the coin, Telltale is releasing the first episode of their mature-rated Batman series next month. Can Telltale stick to their guns and release the entire Batman: The Telltale Series before the year's end?
  • Nintendo Announced the NES Mini - Nintendo unveiled a new console this past week, although it's not the NX we've all been waiting to hear more about. The NES mini is a self-contained micro-console which plugs into your TV via HDMI and comes pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games. Is this a good idea? Is this something Nintendo fans are going to get behind? Who's the audience for this product? 
  • Fighting Game News - EVO 2016 is in full swing, and that means fighting game news has been coming fast and furious over the past week. From Street Fighter 5 to Killer Instinct, seemingly every major fighting title found its name in the headlines at one point or another. With Injustice 2 set to unveil two new characters at Comic Con, which hero or villain do the fellas want to see make an appearance in the eagerly anticipated sequel?
  • Ana is Officially Revealed for Overwatch - Ana, the healing sniper and mother to Pharah, was finally revealed after weeks of rumors. With her long distance healing and intense teammate-buffing capabilities, is she set to become Support players' new go-to character?
  • Star Wars Battlefront's Next 2 Pieces of DLC Revealed - Star Wars Celebration was also this past weekend, and the next two pieces of DLC for Star Wars Battlefront were unveiled. Up first is the 'Death Star' DLC, complete with Chewbacca and Bossk as the new playable hero and villain characters. Secondly, Battlefront's final piece of DLC will be based on the new Rogue One movie releasing later this year. With the advent of the 'Death Star' DLC in the near future, are fans finally going to have access to space battles?
  • Plus, this week's new releases and much, much MORE!

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