Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers - Episode 2 - Q&A

Why are there seven Braves instead of six?

Seven Braves instead of Six?

In the intro it says, "It is always six that are chosen," but there appears to be seven heroes shown. My guess is that one of them is a fake. Fremy Speeddraw and Goldof Auora are the two most recent "Braves" to appear, but Fremy is wary of other Braves, and Goldof says that Fremy is a Braves killer. My suspicion tells me that Fremy had an encounter with Goldof who tried to kill her and that's why she draws her gun on Adlet. If Fremy were the Braves killer, why would she allow Adlet to explain himself and why would she kill demons? Those were her bullets inside the defeated demons, right? And although she said she hates humans (but loves animals) she could have attacked Adlet at the onset.

Then again, if Goldof were the Braves killer, why didn't he attack the Bunny Princess right away? Hmm.

On second thought, maybe Goldof approached Fremy, she fired on him in fear, then he labeled her as the Braves killer.

Have seven Braves been chosen this time?

Did you expect more from Nashetania?

I expected Nashetania, the bunny-eared princess, to be a total badass. She was smug in the first episode when Adlet claimed he was the strongest man in the world, and apparently won the tournament that Adlet was prevented from finishing. I expected her to be fierce like Elza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Esdeath (Akame ga Kill), or Amira (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis). I didn't expect her to defer to the new guy or to need words of encouragement. 

Do you 'ship anyone?

It's only been two episodes, but if any relationships are bound to blossom, I'd guess it would be  between Nashetania and Adlet. Nashetania likes that she can freely talk to Adlet as equals, which is why she seems to be rather distant from Goldof; Goldof puts her on a pedestal. Fremy doesn't seem capable of a romantic relationship at this time. She just looks like she could use a friend — a human friend.

Nashetania confides in Adlet

Someone I can talk to on equal terms. Someone I can honestly tell what I’m thinking and feeling. You’re the first one, Adlet-san.
— Nashetania Augustra

Are you still enjoying the show?

Definitely. I can't wait for the next episode.