My Mom’s Cat and Beds in Skyrim: A Gamer’s Perspective

straw bed

I hated the beds in my Skyrim house until I learned something related to my mom’s cat. How could these two things possibly be related?

 First, about the cat: It’s not really my mom’s cat. It’s a neighborhood cat that’s all black with white paws that my mom feeds twice a day. She used to call the cat “Puss.”

 Scandalized, I asked why she chose the name. My Disney-loving-mother said “Puss in boots” was her rationale. Today, she calls the cat “Mittens,” and I’m happier for it.

 Sometimes, I’ll be playing Skyrim and my mom will open the door to the basement and shout down to me, “Mittens is here!” and I’ll say, “…O…kay!” before I continue to play the game.

 Recently, I bought a house in White Run — yes, in the video game — and I’ve been spending a lot of time and money decorating it. Still, the beds are little more than boxes of straw, and it annoys me more than I thought it would. Why can’t I have better beds?



And oddly, the beds don’t bother me for my own sake. There are two women living with me in my house and I can’t stand the thought of them sleeping in straw beds. I know they’re not real, but I still have this strange attachment to them and I want to do better by them. Is that pathetic? One of the women is Lydia, and she’s never even slept in the bed, even though I command her to sleep in it all the time. (Maybe it’s because the damned bed is straw????) The other little lady is my adopted daughter, Lucia. 

Go to sleep, Lydia!

Go to sleep, Lydia!

 See? Now you can say, “Awwww,” even as you think I’m a weirdo.

 This morning, my mother told me she was worried about Mittens being outside in the cold. She wanted to make him a bed or something to keep him warm in the winter. I told her I didn’t have an answer, but I’d Google it.

 Guess what Google said.

 “Mom, you should make the cat a straw bed for the winter. No blanket. No pillow. Just STRAW. Apparently, a straw bed would be really nice.”


 "And which name does Google prefer between Puss and Mittens? Puss."


“No, not really. Now, I’m just teasing.”