Moments of Punchline - Episode 11

The moment when...

For that, Colonel, our panties...

For that, Colonel, our panties...

4:37 - He/she asked to see the robot's panties. Looks like someone went to the One Piece - Brook school of perverts. Same line; same results.

If you Uberfy one more time, you'll...

8:25 - "One more time..." and she'll die? Damn! Can a girl get a better heads-up? You know: an earlier warning maybe? Even my cell phone provider gives me the, "You have used up 50% of your data, have used 75% of your data,..." types of messages. Thanks cell phone carrier people! That was really considerate! What if she'd Uberfied on accident?

12:11 - Who else thought of Super Smash Bros. during this scene? I know, right? Use that Hammer Brothers hammer! 

FYI: You do not want to challenge me in Smash Bros. You've been warned.

14:32 - Who else saw this and thought about Silly Putty? Damn, I haven't thought about Silly Putty in years! I remember how it tastes though. And now I feel like copying some manga.

This is the U.S. Army.

15:42 - "This is the U.S. Army," said in the most Japanese accent possible.

I surrender

16:12 - When a beautiful woman says "I surrender" and takes off her panties, I have a hard time focusing... ahem... when a beautiful woman says "I surrender" and takes off her panties, I have a hard...

17:50 - The music in this scene reminds me of the music from Final Fantasy X - Leap in the Dark. What do you think?

Yeah, I'm the other you.

20:23 - Whoa! Rabura can Uberfy? I mean, the ghost inside of Rabura can make her Uberfy? Did he make her look at her own panties? That's kind of weird, right?

Anyway, that's what I thought. What stood out to you the most?