Memory Lane

In this podcast, Taz and Niq share their early beginnings into anime. 

Taz gets us off the ground by detailing his first impressions of Dragon Ball, and later his getting officially hooked with Dragon Ball Z. With the help of friends, his exposure to anime increased including the adult (maybe even controversial) genres like Hentai. Outgrowing martial arts scenes, he begins to appreciate character relationships, and identifies himself with loyal and brainy characters, of which he also follows in manga.  To date, his anime preferences have expanded from action and adventure to slice of life and sports. Taz notes that the one thing anime fulfills that live action does not is the consistency of the characters' image as opposed to the real-life actors and the influence their image has on the characters they portray. 

Niq's history beings at a very young age with her first viewing of deeply themed sci-fi anime movies featured on the Syfy channel. Later, Sailor Moon would lay the foundation for the types of characters she gravitates toward. Establishing a bias for violent, dark, and supernatural genres at a young age, it wasn't until far later with Studio Ghibli movies and shows such as One Piece that she expands her preferences into comedy and slice of life shows. On a whim, she watched her first sports series, which becomes the latest expansion in her evolving anime experience. 

There are 2 classic sci-fi movies that Niq has trouble remembering. Can you help her name them? If so, leave it the comments below along with a short blurb of how you got into anime.

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