Helldivers Gameplay

Arrowhead Games' twin-stick shooter Helldivers is quickly becoming a fan-favorite amongst the Short Pause staff, and we look forward to getting a review up as soon as we feel we've played and experienced enough to do so. With its hardcore mechanics and emphasis on teamwork, Helldivers is truly best experienced with friends. It is essential for everyone to mind their surroundings; everything from friendly fire and incoming supply drops, to aggressive enemy AI is a hazard to your health. We've put together a short video showing some of the different enemies you'll encounter along the way, as well as some of the various missions you'll be tasked to complete. Keep it tuned to Short Pause for our upcoming review of Helldivers, as well as all of your video game news, reviews, and podcasts!

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What are your thoughts on Helldivers so far? Let us know in the comments below if you appreciate the added difficulty of trying to not only avoid enemy fire, but your own squad's as well.