Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists: Prison Break Gameplay and Impressions

This week, Rockstar North finally released their highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists. It had a few server issues in the beginning, but I'm happy to report that most of them have been fixed — via title updates. I recently completed the tutorial heist (also known as the Fleeca Bank Job) as well as the Prison Break heist, and I can already say that Online Heists was well worth the wait!

When it comes to heists in general, they're very similar to the raids featured in Destiny — meaning, there are multiple missions that must be completed before you can proceed to the finale. It's not as difficult as Destiny, per se, but there's still a fair amount of strategy needed to complete the missions in Heists. Early on, you and your team will work together on the same task, but later missions require your crew to split up into smaller teams to complete multiple jobs. Everyone has their own roles and responsibilities, so it's important to do your job.

Not your typical "smash and grab" job

Without teamwork, the mission is likely to fail. One crew member can die — one time — and the mission can continue. If anyone dies after that, the mission is reset. Good luck playing with someone who likes to operate on their own terms (or with someone 
who doesn't have a headset). Lone-wolf players are a liability in this game, and it won't benefit the team if you have one on the crew.

Stealth play is extremely useful in some missions

With a well-picked team, you can complete missions and earn extra bonuses while you play. Each mission has its own challenges that can increase your earnings and inspire you to master every aspect of the game. Can you return a stolen vehicle without taking damage? Can you rob an armored truck faster than the average gamer? Los Santos is a crazy, unpredictable city, and it's a rewarding feeling when your team can pull off the perfect heist and get some extra cred'! 

It's not personal, it's business!

During one particular mission, we had a hell of a time stealing a classic car (which belongs to your "employer" whom you're breaking out of prison) and delivering it in mint condition. There were just too many cops, criminals, and bad drivers! (Can someone please explain to me why GTAV has some of the worst drivers of all time?) Even though we managed to deliver the car — with a few dents and a thousand bullet holes — we weren't completely satisfied with our results. Next time, we're going to do it better, faster, and bag some of those extra bonuses. 

Air support

On Normal settings, it took us just over three hours to complete the Prison Break heist, and you can watch some of our greatest moments in the video below. (Don't be trying to copy our style though. We look like some gangsta pimps!)

Overall, the Online Heists is a hefty add-on and it should offer plenty of replayability in the near future. I've only played it on Normal (difficulty) so far, but I'm tempted to play it again on Hard, for more Money, Power, & Respect Points. 

What are your thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists? Have you been able to get on and play through some of these with friends without any network problems? Let us know in the comments below which heist is your favorite so far!