E3 2015 - Bethesda Press Conference Live Blog and Video Feed

E3 2015 is finally here! After weeks of internet conjecture, leaks — both real and fake — and confused executives broadcasting studio secrets to any and everybody with a Twitch account, Bethesda is ready to get this party started with their first ever E3 press conference tonight! The event feed will be streamed live below, and Brent and Ben are manning the live blog chair this evening, bringing you all of the reveals as they happen. We here at Short Pause are thrilled that you could join us for the festivities! So, kick back your feet, grab an icy cold beverage of your choice, and enjoy the Bethesda conference as we bring it to you live as it's happening!

Oh, and feel free to  let your voice be heard in the comments below! What are you looking forward to seeing this evening?