E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog And Video Feed

It's the first "official" day of E3, and we've still got a few press conferences on the docket! As usual, Nintendo leads things off here on E3 Tuesday, and as they've done in the recent past, their E3 "conference" this year consists of pre-recorded digital event! Last year's show was tightly plotted, fast paced, and full of announcements, and we expect this year's iteration to be much of the same. With The Legend of Zelda, the new Nintendo console codenamed "NX," and any news about the Big N's new mobile strategy confirmed no-shows, what does the House of Mario have in store for us? Might we finally see some love for Metroid? How about the return of a certain Italian plumber? In the absence of Link, how about a reveal of Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2? All will be revealed this afternoon, starting at 12pm eastern! Kick back, relax, enjoy the stream, and follow along with our live blog below! After the show, stick around for our reaction video and join us in the comments! Let us know what you thought of all of Nintendo's big reveals!