Cross Ange: Hero or Hero's Girlfriend?

Dammit! They should have named the show “Cross Tusk Rondo”.  Tusk is the hero of this series. Ange is just a woman.

Isn’t that the way women are portrayed in this show? They’re weak and sinful creatures who need men to control them. You know they can’t do anything right on their own.  When women get in trouble, they need men to come and rescue them.

Tusk saves Ange

Tusk saves Ange

Isn’t that the message the author is trying to tell us?

The Norma are all women, and look how they behave. They live on a remote island all by themselves. When you take away the men, what do you get?

You get lesbian-raped.

That's what you get.

It was a man who sent Ange to that island, by the way. Ange’s brother, Julio, denied his sister the guidance of men, and a pair of panties almost killed her. It’s a good thing Tusk saved her — not only in the ocean — but in the woods where she almost died from a near fatal dose of estrogen.

Ange, undermined by undergarments

Ange, undermined by undergarments

When you were growing up, didn’t you learn that knights slay dragons? (I did.) Ange slays dragons. Who do you think is the “Knight of Villkiss”? It’s Tusk, silly! Girls can’t be knights. Just ask this guy: 

Brienne of Tarth -  Game of Thrones

Brienne of Tarth -  Game of Thrones

Who killed Julio? Do you remember?

Embryo revealed himself as the true enemy, and although he and Julio look like women, they're both men. Embryo took Ange away from Tusk, because men take what they want. 

Who killed Embryo to take back his woman? You remember.

Heroes dictate their own destinies, and they persevere when others say they can't.

Is Ange the hero of Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon? She can't be. She’s just the hero’s girlfriend.


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