Birthday Sex

Eden of Grisaia - Episode 2 - The Cocoon of Caprice II

In today's episode of The Fruit of Grisaia, we learned that Yuuji was sexually promiscuous at an early age. Did you think it was morally wrong and distasteful, or did you celebrate?

Yuuji and Asako in the bathtub

Yuuji and Asako in the bathtub

When I first saw the Asako-and-Yuuji  bathtub scene, I was shocked. I couldn't believe she was offering herself sexually to a minor like that.

Although, I was secretly hoping she meant it.

I replayed the clip to make sure Asako said what I thought she said, then I replayed it again to pick my jaw up off the floor and fist pump air in victory. I was super excited. 

JB and Asako

JB and Asako

When Asako told JB that she and the boy had tons of sex together, and then...


and then, when Asako told Yuuji to take JB's virginity, and he did it, I died for a moment and came back to life.

"What?! Whaaaaat?!" was all I could say for a few minutes. I was dumfounded; It was just too much for me to process at the moment. However, after some time had passed and I was able to think more clearly, I began to have mixed feelings about the whole situation.

People in our country go to prison for this kind of thing. Don't they? I don't think Yuuji was old enough to have consenting sex with an adult. Was he? And aside from the legal implications, wasn't Asako like a mother figure to Yuuji? It had to feel — at least — a little bit awkward, right? Would I have felt the same way if Yuuji were a girl and Asako a man? (Double-standards do exist.)

Then I reconsidered Asako's order to have sex with JB, and I wondered if it made Yuuji feel like a prostitute or a sex slave.

Or did he just feel like a lucky bastard?