Ace of the Diamond

Eijun Sawamura

1. What's it about?

A Japanese, high-school boys baseball team training and competing to be the best in Japan.

2. What does this anime remind you of?

Haikyu (except it’s baseball, not volleyball).

3. What did you like most/least about it?

I wouldn’t characterize myself as a sports fan — especially not baseball — but this anime was able to get me interested in it. I think it showcases teamwork very well, and it explains the fundamentals of a sport which I knew very little about. If I were to turn on a professional game of baseball, I’d be lost in the commentating. Ace of the Diamond lets me get in the game and have fun.

4. Who was your favorite/least favorite character?

The pitcher, Sawamura, is my favorite character. My least favorite character is probably Furuya, his teammate and rival for the pitcher position. It's not that I really dislike Furuya, but I want Sawamura to be the Ace of the Diamond.

5. When did you know you liked or disliked this anime?

I liked the anime right away. It begins by showing Sawamura — who is a southpaw diamond in the rough — and lets us imagine how great he can become if given the proper guidance.

6. Where did you watch it?


7. Did you watch it in Japanese or English?


8. Is it available in English dub?

I don’t think it is.

9. Is the anime too long or too short?

It’s kind of long. There are 125 episodes so far and no telling how much longer it will go. Sawamura is a first year student (in high school) and has 2 more years left. For all we know, the show could continue into his college and professional career. I hope not.

10. How did you find this anime?

I was introduced to Kuroko’s Basketball and liked it a lot. Kuroko’s was the first sports anime I’d watched, so I figured I’d try another. Ace of the Diamond was good too.

11. What were your biggest emotions?

Do you watch sports? If you do, then you know the crushing defeat of your team losing. You also know how good it feels to win. I also get this urge to prove my skills when everyone underestimates me…I mean…Sawamura. Can you tell I get sucked into anime?

12. How does it compare to similar shows?

I’m probably gonna start an argument with this one. I like it more than Kuroko’s Basketball but less than Haikyu! (volleyball), and…I think I like it just as much as Baby Steps (tennis). Kuroko’s Basketball is like Superhero basketball; it’s more arcade and less simulation. The others are like sims. (Sorry for the video game reference.) It’s weird because I actually ike basketball more than any other sport.

13. Which character in this anime would you love to see in a crossover?

It would be awesome if the whole team showed up to see a Haikyu volleyball game, and vice versa. 

14. Who would be your waifu?

“Wakana”? Strike one. “Haruno”? Strike two. “Rei”? Homerun.







15. Which character/s would you hang out with?

Chris senpai!! He’s pretty chill and knowledgable. The catcher, Miyuki, seems like he’d be fun to hang out with too, until he gets you into trouble.

16. Pick a scene to recommend this anime.

In Season 1— Episode 3 (at the 6:21 mark), Sawamura and Miyuki show up late to their first day of practice. Miyuki comes up with a “brilliant” idea for the both of them to sneak in, escaping the coach’s notice. It's a great scene to introduce teamwork.

17. Final thoughts?

There’s no killing, superpowers, magical girls, or lolis,  but hey! It’s America’s favorite pastime: Japanese baseball!