Conquer or Be Conquered ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A teenage boy runs away from home and is out alone, walking the streets. It's dark. He's broke, hungry, and has nowhere to go when the military calls for curfew. Martial Law is in full effect.

A stranger appears before him, saying, "If you swear fealty to me, I shall share my snacks and the world with you. ...will you swear fealty or die?" 

In one hand, she offers food. In the other hand is a mask. But the boy continues to look at her with doubt. "She can't be serious," I think. "She can't be more than six years old!"

World Conquest Zvezda Plot is a 12 episode anime series about the crazy life revolving around Hoshimiya Kate, and her plot to take over the world. Kate is also known as "Venera the Great" or "Your Excellency" by her minions, but she's still the cutest villain in all of anime, to me.

And now that you know her secret identity, you'll have to join her Zvezda society or die knowing. Sorry, I should have told you that from the beginning.

From the very first episode, I was entertained by the story. It's refreshingly original and doesn't take itself so seriously. It's got robots, swords, tanks, spies, politics, mascots, and monkeys. There are some really cool fight scenes, bouts of comedy, and a bit of romance. The tale shifts perspective between a few key figures in her entourage, and some players on the opposing side. How anyone could fit all of that into one show will make no sense unless you watch it.

Zvezda Plot also pokes fun at some of the clichés I find annoying in other anime. Do you like magical girl transformations? When was the last time a magical girl transformation made you laugh? I also laughed during the "traditional" hot springs scene and the transfer student scene. (Come on. You know those scenes are like staples in anime.) I laughed during many other scenes, too. 

There was even a moment when I said, "I've got this all figured out. It's so obvious." And then I was proven wrong. If you watch Zvezda Plot after reading this review, you'll get it wrong too. It's not a bad thing. It was one of my favorite moments from the show.

As with all other anime I enjoy, I don't want to say too much because I want you to watch it. I want to know what you think of Kate and her plan to conquer the world. More importantly, would you let her conquer you?

If you were in Kate's shoes, would you conquer cigarettes, or would you conquer something entirely different? If you haven't seen this anime yet, make sure you conquer it before anything else. Then, leave a comment in the spot below and let us know how you felt. And if you know of any anime as good (or better) than this one, stop being stingy and give us a good recommendation! We'll check it out. We swear!

May the Light of Zvezda Shine Throughout the World!!!