Destiny (PlayStation 4 & Xbox one) Review-In-Progress Part 1

Bungie's extremely hyped sci-fi FPS Destiny is finally out in the wild, and we have a process in place to make sure we review the game thoroughly before rendering our final verdict. We respect that Bungie has stated on many occasions that Destiny isn't an MMO, but because of so many similarities to one, we feel it's best that we treat it as such. We will air a series of videos over the next couple of weeks giving our impressions of Destiny, and ultimately let you know if it's a game that's worth investing your time into. Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you don't miss out on each episode. We also want to know your thoughts on Destiny, whether they are positive or negative. We just ask that your responses be mature, and that you respect one another when commenting. We appreciate differences of opinion and debate as long as it's done with a level of courtesy towards one another. Online tough guys won't be tolerated, and trolls will meet the business end of Taz's mighty ban-hammer. Stay tuned to Short Pause for more on Destiny and other gaming news!