Sword Art Online II - Episode 6 Review

Duel In The Wastelands


So far, Kirito has proven himself to be a real sword – or should I say, light-saber wielding badass in the popular firearms game Gale Gun Online (GGO). I mean, he practically shut down every other GGO player in his initial log-on just by winning the infamous jackpot challenge. Let's not forget how he effortlessly beat his first GGO opponent in a Bullet of Bullets (BoB) qualifying round with a series of somersaulting Jedi moves that would make any Star Wars fan squeal. 


Disturbingly good as he is in Sword Art Online (SAO) and Alfheim Online (ALO), Kirito shows an equally disturbing side in GGO. After his first round win, he is unknowingly approached by Darth Va – I mean, Death Gun, the infamous GGO murderer who's been knocking off high-rankers. After an awkward exchange of guess-who, Kirito is left in the most uncharacteristically terrified state, tremors and all. 

Although Death Gun is as creepy as an avatar can get, Kirito's post-meeting meltdown is quite the turn-off. I enjoy the courageous, strategic, and collected demeanor of the SAO Kirito, not this version of a shaking leaf. Yes, it is mysterious and unsettling that a Laughing Coffin (LC) member (even a supposedly dead one) from SAO is gallivanting around GGO killing players, but my expectation of Kirito is the same; I expect his resolve to strengthen like reinforced steel with a glimpse of that LC mark, not go into an uncontrollable quiver. Even Sinon is unsettled by this sudden 180, and though it makes for an effective chick magnet  via the I'm-an-emotionally-vulnerable-tough-guy routine, his display is overly  weak. Very disappointing. 


Moving on, Kirito manages to partially save face with more badassery in his next qualifying round. Cut scene to Sinon, who passes her round as expected, is unexpectedly loaded into another round with our shaken hero, Kirito. Distracted by bubbling emotions, Sinon's perfect snipering is pitifully off mark as Kirito stands with that oh-so-cool macho nonchalantness that we all know and love. As a token of appreciation and respect for the now-eternally-shamed sniper, Kirito offers a duel-style challenge, which Sinon accepts, and also of which the entire GGO universe is appalled at this uncharacteristic farce of a BoB battle. At the drop of a bullet, Kirito slices through Sinon's last point-blank round, and ends the duel in the most erotic way: light saber dangerously close at the neck with his arm grasped tightly around her waist, body dangerously close to his, piercing eye gaze. I must admit that ultra display of dominant masculinity and skill was more than enough to completely forget Kirito's previous breakdown, and to see his manhood burst through that annoyingly androgynous shell – THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!

All said and done, I'm definitely craving more displays like this from Kirito as I catch up in the series. But before I bid you farewell consider this:

Given that they both qualified for the next BoB phase (even with Sinon's round resignation) do you think Kirito's philosophy of not harming female players a cop out? Dare I say, even sexist considering Sinon is one of the painfully few and painfully unmerciful female players of GGO? Comment below!

Until soon.