Haikyu!! - Episode 21 Review

Episode 21 - Senpai's True Abilities

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Tobio Kageyama, team Karasano’s starting setter and “King of the Court,” got replaced with Koshi “Suga” Sugawara, and the team started playing better. I said it right before it happened, shaking my head. “He’s going to get substituted.” And then he was out.

Koshi Sugawara replaces Tobio Kageyama

Koshi Sugawara replaces Tobio Kageyama

Kageyama is often called a genius in volleyball, but was playing poorly against Aoba Johsai, and needed to calm down. His nerves were frazzled, and I bet everyone saw it coming. What I didn’t expect was how good Suga would be in his place. Let’s just add an “R” to his name and call him “Sugar,” already. That boy is sweet!

He’s got an interesting personality, too. As soon as Suga entered the game, he started to put the smack down…on his own team! It was ridiculous how it happened, too. Normally, you’d expect a guy to high-five his teammates when he goes on the court. This guy started punching and karate chopping people, snapping everyone out of their anxiety. Then the fun began.

Previously, I was standing in front of my TV shouting, “Goooo, go go go go Seijoh!” (which means I was cheering for the other team). Then, I was celebrating Suga, remarking on how well he’d been studying the game from the sidelines. He knew which of his teammates were confident to receive passes, he deciphered the enemy’s plan of attack, and he utilized hand signals just when his team needed it — since Aoba Johsai started to understand their code words.

More importantly, however, Suga said what was needed to get Kageyama's head back in the game. As this episode drew to a close, Aoba Johsai was once again gaining momentum, and Suga was getting substituted for Kageyama. We all know that Aoba Johsai's star player, Oikawa Toru — "The Great King" — and Tobio Kageyama have too much history for things to have ended without one of them defeating the other. Although Suga was sweet, and this episode was all about him, the next episode will belong to the king. 


(But, which king will reign supreme?)

Battle of the Kings - Tobio Kageyama vs Oikawa Toru

Battle of the Kings - Tobio Kageyama vs Oikawa Toru


Question of the episode:

If you could build your own volleyball dream team, selecting one of the setters from this episode, which setter would you pick, and why?