Is Alluka a boy or a girl?

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A new character was introduced to Hunter x Hunter,  and many of you have been asking, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Alluka is a BOY!

When Alluka is with us, he never makes any requests.
— Kikyo Zoldyck (Alluka's mother)

I’m just taking Alluka and Kalluto for a walk. Oh, they’re my younger brothers.
— Milluki (Alluka's brother)
He likes to make requests. You only need to refuse.
— Milluki
I’ll ask Killua to follow proper procedure when he makes his wish. I want you there, hidden. If Killua either refuses or agrees, but you feel he’s lying, I want you to dispose of Alluka. He has no combat abilities. You can consider him an ordinary child. We just don’t know where he came from.
— Illumi (Alluka's brother)
Once Alluka starts making requests to someone, he will not switch his requests to someone different. That’s why I always ensured that Alluka made a request to a butler before sending him to you and Mama. ...That’s why Alluka has never made any requests of you two.
— Milluki
If he doesn’t know someone’s name, Alluka can’t make requests of them.
— Milluki


Alluka is a GIRL!

Let me see Alluka. I need her power.
— Killua (Alluka's brother)

Alluka’s a member of the family! She isn’t a machine! As her brother, I’m asking her for help!
— Killua
If Alluka hasn’t changed, I’m the only one who can help her.
— Killua
How could I leave my little sister in this situation?
— Killua
See? She’s back.
— Killua
Yep, her eyes turn black.
— Killua
So I wished for her to tell me how to turn her eyes back, and Alluka told me.
— Killua
After she grants a wish, her eyes turn white. And when three of her requests are fulfilled, they turn black.
— Killua
When three of Alluka’s requests are fulfilled, she’ll grant one wish. There probably isn’t any limit to the wishes she can grant. My guess is that she can grant any wish. But the bigger the wish she grants, the bigger the next three requests will be.
— Killua
You called Alluka ‘Something that came from somewhere else,’ right? I call the black-eyed Alluka ‘Something,’ too. ...Something is skilled at destroying, but fixing isn’t her forte. When she’s fixing, she must touch the target, or her power won’t work.
— Killua
Moron! Alluka’s a girl. I can’t trust a lump like you to take care of her!
— Killua

What do you say?

Alluka is.. *

...what about Kalluto?


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