Short Pause E3 Predictions For Your Ears

The Short Pause offices have been bustling these past few days as we ready ourselves for what is arguably gaming's biggest week. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is more than fast approaching - it's parked the car, walked up the driveway, and it's at the front door, about to ring the bell so we can once again let it into our homes and into our hearts.

This year, many companies put a lot of information out ahead of the main event - a Kinect-less Xbox One, numerous games delayed until 2015, and the most recent and heartbreaking rumored cancellation of The Last Guardian — which was then promptly turned into a maybe-cancellation as Sony straight-up denied the rumor — to name a few.

But with so much we still don't know, why not perform all forms of ancient, mystical witchery and peer into our crystal spheres, rub these tarnished lamps, and stare at these dried up tea leaves to glimpse at a murky, gaming future, dream up a crazy wish of the heart, and predict the outcomes of the press conferences to come.

Ben, Brent, and Eric have made their wishes known. Why not listen in as they discuss their predictions for what announcements will be made?

Are we on to something here, or are we nuts? Have any predictions of your own? Tell us or let us know in the comments below. And keep checking Short Pause throughout the week, because we're far from done with E3, my friend. In fact, we've only just begun...