PlayStation Experience Teaser Video Leads To Another Teaser Video Featuring David Jaffe!

UPDATED (4:15p): Despite the tone of the teaser video indicating that Jaffe's next game may be a horror game, he has come out and stated on twitter that their next game will NOT be a horror game. Guess we will just have to wait until the PlayStation Experience to see what him and his friends are working on!

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony has just sent out the Tweet below that is supposed to be a teaser trailer for their upcoming PlayStation Experience event. It appears this teaser trailer will lead you to another teaser trailer.

When watching the video you'll notice someone is writing down notes or drawings, trying to come up with something. When pausing the video, these images were clear:


When we visited the website in the pictures above (, all it had was this video posted:

Yes, that's game developer David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) at the end of the video speaking gibberish. Is this an indication that he will be unveiling his new game at the PlayStation Experience in just a few weeks? We can't wait to find out!